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Gardiner McInnes was the right agency for us and our confidence was rewarded with...a sale in just two weeks of listing on the market
We were in very professional & caring hands...we always felt that we were part of your team
Gardiner McInnes Real Estate are true to sell our home for more than our previous Eltham agent thought possible
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Considerations: Do you love the location you live in, the aspect you have, but the bathroom is daggy? Renovate Are you expecting the family to either increase in the next five years (birth of babies stage) or decrease (children-leaving-home stage)? Move Is the natural light great, but the house just really dated? Renovate Have you just had surgery on both knees and live in a three-level home on a steep block? Move Are you on a three-acre block and hate gardening? Move Do you have the worst house in the best street and river or mountain views?  Renovate Is the kitchen and bathroom just too small and nowhere to push the house out? Move Have you got three cars and a boat and a single garage and live on a small sloping block? Move We will always be purchasers looking for a house like yours. If you would like some advice, give us a call and let’s talk about your personal options. We not here to make you move, we just here when you are ready to move. With thanks to Carol Jennings ‘The Real Estate Conversation’ 14 December 2018
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Protecting your home from electrical mishaps, plumbing disasters, and fires while you’re gone is also important. Before you leave: Unplug everything but the freezer, refrigerators, and items you have put on timers. This will not only save money on your electric bill, but it will help avoid electrical problems. If you’ll be gone for more than a week, turn off the internal water valves. Too many homeowners have come home to find an old pipe broke or the washing machine hose failed and their home is flooded. Secure all the doors and windows by locking them before you leave. Disable your garage door opener. Tech-savvy burglars can work out the code to trigger the door to open and gain access to your home. Bonus money-saving tip: Consider setting your water heater on the lowest possible setting when you travel  – this will keep it functional while saving you money on your energy bills. Just remember to turn it back up before your first shower!
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